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Change IIS User

Install IIS Servermanager (and PHP if required via Web Platform Installer), create a new user and then, inside IIS Manager Right Click "DefaultAppPool" and change Identity to the user. In addition, on the "Default Web Site", change Authentication->Anonymous Authentication to the new user.



cd /var/log/
rm dpkg.log faillog dmesg* alternatives.log auth.log bootstrap.log cloud-init* syslog vmware-*
apt clean
apt autoclean
rm unattended-upgrades/* apt/* ubuntu-advantage.log
rm -rf installer/*
cd /root
rm .viminfo
rm .bash_history
rm .wget_hsts
ln -s /dev/null .bash_history
journalctl --rotate
journalctl --vacuum-time=1s

Then symlink bash_history files of all users to /dev/null.

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