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stats cachedump 1 0
get <value>


sudo apt-get install libmemcached-tools
memcstat --servers=<ip>
memcdump --servers=<ip>
memccat --servers=<ip> keyname
memccp --servers=<ip> <localfile> # (file saved in key)
memcached-tool <ip>:<port> dump  # easiest way to dump all


There can be hidden items (LRU). Memcache has cold, warm & hot storage, depending on what is used most, this can lead to stats cachedump 1 0 not showing a key anymore (cachedump only looks only at cold). The command lru_crawler metadump all will show this. We can also force everything into cold storage using lru mode flat.

Monitor Changes

watch fetchers (freezes terminal, only outputs watch output)


Often unauthenticated (performance reasons). SASL can protect in binary mode but can be dictionary attacked.

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